About Love & Glory New Zealand
Timeless elegance means wardrobe classics in jaw-droppingly beautiful fabrics. We select high-quality natural fibres like linen, cotton, rayon and natural-fibre blends and we make them into things of beauty. Fabric selection is time consuming, but when we find those perfect prints and textures, it's so worthwhile!

We create a small number of each style, which means every piece is a limited edition.
Love & Glory was borne from three key drivers: 1) decluttering our wardrobes, 2) bringing back flattering silhouettes and 3) proving that natural fibres don't need to be dull!

If like us, you find yourself looking at a wardrobe, packed full with clothes, but feeling like you have nothing to wear, then you're probably ready for a bit of wardrobe decluttering. That's easier said than done though - especially if you're a bit lost on what you really need and how to build a capsule wardrobe you love. 

Our carefully designed and crafted capsule collections are created to work with your existing wardrobe to become almost all you need, and all you'll want to wear, season after season. 

Flattering Silhouettes
We've been watching for some time a trend towards billowy and boxy, and whilst this is right for some, it has become so prevalent that it's now hard to find everyday clothing in flattering shapes. Our goal has been to bring flattering cuts back into the choice set for New Zealand made women's clothing.  We've set out to design garments that are comfortable and easy to wear, whilst being elegant and shapely. 

Garments made from Natural Fibres
Alone we can't change the world, but we sure can do our bit. As such we decided from the outset to make our Collections from fabrics derived from natural fibres. We only make small batches of garments, so as not to create waste and we choose fabrics that are already in existence, rather than printing or commissioning our own exclusive prints. We keep our offcuts and are working on some lovely ways of re-using these...looking forward to sharing that with you soon.

Designed in New Zealand, Made in New Zealand, Dispatched from New Zealand. Love & Glory garments are designed to be worn often and adored always.