Four Merino top styles that are anything but ordinary

Fashion changes, style evolves, yet somehow women's Merino tops have stayed the same. So much so that when hearing the phrase, 'wear a merino', we immediately picture the same thing. A serviceable, round- or v-neck, long-sleeved mid-layer; designed for warmth, not style.

Time for Evolution? Hell, yes!

Here are four Merino top styles that shun ordinary for extraordinary...whilst still warming our core.


What a difference a few details make. We're loving elasticated or frill cuffs that can be pushed up for a blouson sleeve effect. A frill collar or scarf neck make a merino top more polished. 

The beautiful Uppsala Merino Blouse is versatile and flattering. Perfect to elevate your everyday outfit. It can even be worn backwards for a high neckline effect, with bow detail at back of the neck.

The Uppsala Merino Top



Printed Merino is on the rise and we're looking forward to seeing more of this in women's fashion. This monogrammed longline cardigan from Balmain is elegant, flattering and statement-making. Three elements we always value in a garment.



Along with printed Merino, spliced fabric styles add joy to the winter staple. We're loving long cuffs with thumb loops, especially the vibrant stripe cuffs of the Alma Merino Crew.

Alma Merino Crew


This Freja Merino Top also plays on contrasts. Block colour side panels create a flattering vertical plane on a horizontal stripe merino top. This also features extra long cuffs with thumb loops and a contrast neckband. The classic navy stripe Bretton top look, but made in Merino, with a difference.

Freya Merino Top


No longer should Merino tops remain an apologetic mid-layer or under-layer, when they, themselves, can be the star of the show.