When you love Boho, but it's not quite you

I love the idea of boho chic - I admire the look on many people and  to be fair, part of me does yearn to pack up and live in a converted bus or on the ocean, sailing with no fixed abode...but that's not our right-now reality.  Perhaps it's an age thing, perhaps lifestyle, but I've accepted that I can't authentically own that style. I can identify it as an influence however, along with classic, casual and a tiny touch of flamboyance. Once you understand yourself and define and own your own style, you gain confidence and feel amazing.

If you're a more classic dresser, you can still achieve an easy, natural summer style that you feel comfortable in every day. We're talking unstructured, but not shapeless. Here's how:

1. Choose floaty fabrics and cinch them in.

You'll still catch the desire to twirl and swish and go barefoot, but you'll also look and feel elegant. 

2. Choose an unstructured dress in a soft fabric or linen

Unstructured doesn't have to mean shapeless. Our Esmeralda Dress is subtly shaped, but it's loose and lovely enough to pull on over your head and not feel restricted, especially on hot days. If you need more shape, there's a belt for that.

3. Pair with sandals

Your choice of footwear can change an outfit entirely. Opt for flat sandal in nude or tan leather and a 'dressy' dress can pass for casual. It's all about attitude right - and what's the sense in locking your favourite clothes away in a wardrobe, when you could be wearing them?

It's never too late to find and own your style!