What to wear with Linen Pants

While flowing cotton dresses and stylish shifts are great looks for Spring and Summer,  you really can't get by without a pair (or three) of stylish linen trousers. 

Linen pants are a timeless option and they don't really pay attention to seasonal rules. If you're looking to declutter your wardrobe and work with pieces that cross over seasons, then you need the perfect linen pants in your life.

Linen is lightweight and even more breathable than cotton.  If you wonder how to style linen pants, below are five flattering Linen pants outfit ideas for Spring & Summer

1. Classic Tee 
Select a contrasting shade in a medium weight 100% cotton. Pair with sunglasses, sandals or trainers for a casual, comfortable outfit.

2. Floaty Blouse
A soft, well draped, flattering blouse in a botanical print is our pick for summer. If your top is longer than hip length, opt for the classic French tuck to add shape without looking over-engineered.

3. Cosy Long Sleeve Crew
For the cooler Summer evenings outdoors, a beautiful lightweight pullover in a soft fabric makes all the difference. Try a simple cotton crew or merino pullover.

4. Tank and Denim Jacket
Wear a fitted tank with your linen pants and throw on a denim jacket or casual blazer. This look works equally well with casual shoes or heels. In fact, swap out your shoes and you can go effortlessly from day to night with this outfit.

5. Matching Colour
Monochrome can be striking. Find a top in the same shade and even the same fabric. As long as the top is not too long or billowy (you want to avoid a pyjama look) then it can work well. This look calls for higher heels and bold accessories, as you're aiming for it to appear considered, rather than coincidental.